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My “Storage” Solution – Using a Photo to PDF app


For me, my iPhone’s camera is indispensable in class. Specifically I like to use it to record what occurs during class – when students interact and what is written down to support that interaction. I also use a lot of ‘pictures’ to help students, especially my novices, to acquire vocabulary. Then I upload them to Evernote to help me to remember, and reproduce, what happened that day. The photos upload well, and as a premium member, I have lots of room to ‘store’ them.

However, photos take up a lot of ‘space’ when you store them. And really – I just need the photo for reference. Lately I have been making a lot of use of an app – that cuts down on file size without sacrificing the detail that I need. I have TinyScanPro loaded onto my phone. For me it is easy to do quickly upload the photo into the app, crop to the show only what I need and then save. Then a quick upload to Evernote…done. It also saves time/toner for me if I need to print it out.

photo(12) pet family questions






There are lots of “Photo to PDF” apps out there – and if you use a lot of them in your classroom this may be a useful option for you.



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