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Just Be ‘Open’ To A New Way….


20130814-140711.jpgAs we begin a new time in the classroom, I am amazed at the options and ideas that are out there for educators. This time of year seems to ring with it a barrage of calls to ‘adopt’ ed tech practices, to ‘update’ our skills, and to ‘change’ how we do things. Now I am the first to admit that I am one of the early adopters. If there is something new to try, a new approach to take I hope that I am open to it. But change is not easy for everyone; be it the pace of it or the actual new way itself. How can you bring change into your class when your pace of change may not match what your students need?

Instead of you having to do all of the “new” why not open it up to your students to do so? Why not remove the prescriptive part of your assignments for the “result” only? Then allow your students to choose their way to demonstrate their learning – using the tool/method/means they want to. If your evaluation focuses on the ‘what’ they need to be able to do and not the ‘how’ this further supports their to choose how they show learning.

As you move forward in your learning what’s most important is that you set the atmosphere for creativity and innovation – for both you and your students. It’s that openness to change that will propel you and your practice into the future!


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