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April 26, 2017
by leesensei

Got Minimal EdTech Resources/Access? Tech Ideas/Tools For Supporting Learning

Note: Currently I am on a self-funded leave until September 2017 – so I am not blogging regularly. Language Sensei will be back – refreshed & ready to go – with new posts in late summer. In the meantime….

I have documented, occasionally moaned, about my access to using technology in my classroom (we did not have wifi for student use in classrooms until this semester) and apps and 1:1 devices are still a dream. But a query from Joe Dale (one of the first people who I followed on Twitter!) made me realize that, no matter what your ‘access’ situation, technology is always available to support your teaching. Below is a collection of blog posts documenting  the variety of edtech tools that I have used to support learning in my Japanese language classes…in my edtech-minimal school. Each includes the title, tools highlighted/used and a link to the post!

The ‘Virtual Trip’ 3 days in Tokyo – using Quicktime, Inanimate Alice, TripAdvisor Japan, the Rikai-chan/Rikai-kun kanji reading extension, Google street view and more….

3 Small But Vital Tech Bits for my classes – TinyScanner, Export to Video (Keynote), SaveFromNet downloader:

Marking online/Oral Feedback with Kaizena – Kaizena Online Marking/Feedback add-on,  Google Docs:

Flipping a Lesson – Instant Feedback with Flubaroo – Google Forms, Flubaroo Automatic marking:

Cool Tools – My Favourite Extensions etc – Kaizena Docs Add-on, Rikai-chan/Rikai-kun, Evernote Webclipper, Texthelp Study Skills docs add-on,  Videos add-on and more:

Using/Making A Unit Slideshow/Video – Keynote, Quicktime video: Using Their Info To Make

Generating Your Own Authentic Resources Using Student Data – Google Forms:

Collaborating & Team-Building With Kahoot:

There are more – and more being added all the time. As for me up is to implement Seesaw so students can curate their learning online..I’m looking forward to it!


April 25, 2012
by leesensei

The Benefits of a Quick Sound Bite

Today, as my students were preparing for an oral interview, I was reminded again how useful a short audio file can be. Disclaimer – I’m a Mac owner so I use Quicktime but  Audacity for PCs provides a similar ‘bang for the buck.

Easy to create – There is really no special equipment needed.  For me, I record off my computer’s built in microphone.  An external one is cheap to find. And the best news is that once you have made the file – it’s there for future use.

No editing required – Keep in mind that you are recording something that is a list, or a short paragraph, or brief thoughts etc. If you don’t like how it sounds you won’t be editing – just rerecording!

All learners benefit – Out students are learning in many ways. Audio files allow them to ‘hear it again’ outside of class time. I am amazed at how many of my native English speakers want to hear as they read. My special needs and ESL students benefit from the ability to listen again and again.

Multitude of uses – There are the obvious ones for me, a  language teacher, such as Oral Exam prep, Vocabulary tests, Listening Comprehension practice.  However as I continue to make them I am finding more and more uses. A recent one was a “don’t forget”  for an on-going project.

Quick to make, easy to post to a site and available any time… my audio files are a key tool in supporting student learning.



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