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Sentence Building with the Unit Slide Show – Easy, Fun and Effective


MP900177844I love visuals for learning. I have blogged in the past about using visual slide shows in my classes. Today – yet another fun slide show and also an extended activity. On my recent summative assessment I was still noticing errors in constructing sentences – common errors that I felt needed to be addressed again. And so we did – with the aid of the slide show. For my Year2’s it became a great review activity for both vocabulary and sentence construction.

The recipe for today’s review?

Start with – A slide show – a pdf of today’s is attached – thematic pictures of Japanese engaged in a variety of activities.  I had mine set up automatically to change every 7 seconds but if I felt that I needed more time I would do it manually.

Add in – Round 1 – just let it play as they enter….

Then –  Round 2 – I ask “What are they doing?” Group chorus response assisted by teacher

Next – Round 3 – I ask “Where are they doing this?” Group chorus response assisted by teacher

Then – Round 4 – I ask “Who are they doing this with?” Group chorus response assisted by teacher

And – Round 5 – They try to describe using all of the elements.

Finally – Round 6 – They ask their partner if they did that yesterday….

Adjust ingredients as desired! You can see that you the content, questions and desired output can change with your students’ needs.

It was a great review for my students, who also learned some new vocabulary (what do you call a sumo wrestler?) and reinforced great sentence construction. Even better – it was reinforced in a safe group environment – and no worksheet! More uses and ideas to come.





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  1. Love the everyday life images which give students a feel for how people in Japan live. Perfect authentic resource for students to do sentence structuring. Thanks for being so generous and sharing so freely. Hope to reciprocate one day.

  2. Thanks very much Brenda – what started as a one-off for a unit is now my ‘work in progress’ for each course. The pictures are easy to find and above all – authentic. I enjoy the sharing process as well – and the feedback I get is awesome. As I’ve said before – I really do blog ‘for me’ as a professional conversation with myself and am humbled that others find it a a resource as well. Colleen

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