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Evernote – A Teacher Learns from a Year in the Cloud


evernoteLast year I spent time converting my ‘teaching life’ to the cloud. My aim was to increase my ability to access class information and improve the way(s) that I record what goes on in the room. I posted throughout the year – my observations, frustrations and outcomes. Many other teachers are expressing an interest in cloud based organizing so I thought I’d group all of my posts together for those looking at this option.

I must point out that I don’t use Evernote with my students as yet – my district requires parental permission for that and I’m not ready to ‘require’ it and deal with all of the issues that may arise.

A Year with Evernote…A rookie begins…  the start of my year in the cloud (setting up/rationale etc)

Giving a Voice to My Lesson Plans… – using the audio recording function in Evernote

My New Evernote Notebook Stack… – figuring out how to organize my class notebooks

The “New” Lesson Plan – Pre and Post class! – using photos etc (uploaded to my notebooks) to record what happens in my classes

Tagging with Evernote – No spray paint required! – one of the most useful Evernote features – tagging websites (and successfully finding them when you want to!)

Evernote “Growing Pains”..the journey of an newbie to on-line organizing continues… – the challenge continues

Documenting Learning – Mine Not Theirs! – more thoughts on recording the what/how of classes

A Year with Evernote – Update #3 – an update on the journey

Printing Out My Evernote Daybook…My Solution… – the ultimate Evernote challenge and my solution for it

My Year With Evernote Experiment Take-Aways… – what I learned – and why I still use it!

My Storage Solution: Using a Photo to PDF app  – saving storage space by converting photos to pdf  before you upload

If you need any further information or have any ideas to share please let me know and I’ll share what I can!


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