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June 11, 2012
by leesensei

The Benefits of a Twitter “Chat”

One of the benefits of Twitter for educators has to be the professional development opportunities. By following  individuals I have expanded my techniques and teaching tools. There is a further Twitter option – that of the “chat”. As a language teacher I have benefited immensely from the weekly opportunity to Thursday #langchat with MFL (modern foreign language) teachers. Here’s how:

It reaffirms that I am on the right track: Teaching can often be a ‘solitary’ pursuit. The chance to be observed or network with fellow staff can be few and far between. But during a chat I often find that I am indeed doing things, and choosing approaches that others are too. Its nice to know that in my ‘isolated’ classroom I am on target for how to deliver my language program.

I find approaches/ideas on a specific topic: Chats are really focused with a weekly theme voted on by participants. What a great way to have some concentrated work on one area. It may be pedagogical one week, and class ‘management’ the next. It can be about new trends or a ‘brush up’ on existing challenges.

I get a look into the future:  Many of my #langchat colleagues are in districts or positions that are ‘leaders’ in their field. Although my school may not be at that point, I get tips on where we might be headed. It also allows me to be a ‘leader’ in my school – challenging the status quo and assisting in change.

It broadens my ‘colleagues’ circle:  Although we may work as part of a school department, we may or may not have colleagues that have a similar teaching philosophy or approach. My school  language department has 4 full-time teachers.  My #langchat group has many more. Through it I find others who see the MFL teaching world as I do. Equally beneficial is to hear from those with another point of view.

I invite you to find a ‘chat’ that interests you – your teaching will be the richer for it.




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