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#Langchat Tshirt & Mug 2017 Edition!

New #LangChat Swag!

Wear Your PLN Pride!

 Order from our Teespring Langchat 2017 T-shirt page!

What Is It?: The #langchat T-shirt is a way to wear your PLN pride! Wouldn’t it be great to see a lot of these at ACTFL 2017?

What’s On It? A small version of the #LangChat logo on the front left & a new multilingual wordcloud “#LangChat Yes” on the back!




What Shirt Styles Are There?  We have 4 this year :

  • Crew Neck  – Unisex  (Hanes Tagless)
  • Long-Sleeved Crew Neck – Unisex (Gildan)
  • Women’s Tshirt (Women’s Premium)
  • Sweatshirt – Unisex (Hanes Unisex)

There’s a Mug? Yes – we even have a #LangChat Mug! No need to just wear your shirt – have your favourite drink with #LangChat too! It’s available in several colors. Order one for every favorite beverage!

What Colours Are There?  – Colours depend on what shirt you want – there’s a variety for each style! And enough purple options to make Thomas Sauer pleased! The mug is blue or purple with the #LangChat logo!

What Size Should I Order? – Sizes depend on style chosen – see here for information from Teespring about sizing for shirts!

When Can I Buy One?  Now!  Our campaign last from Sept 1 – 22. That means you have these 3 weeks to place your order. We stop selling Sept 22! If we reach our goal of 30 items then our campaign is a ‘go’.

Where Do I Pick It Up? You don’t – shirts ship directly from Teespring to your location 10 to 21 days after the campaign closes!

Is There a Catch?   We need a minimum number of orders to print…about 30…so order now knowing that you will only be charged if we meet our goal!!

What’s the Cost?  We’ve priced it as close to cost as we can and still use the service (5 cents over cost). Shipping is extra for all orders and is based upon ‘where’ it ships to so if you and others you know are ordering its cheaper to send to 1 place. Shipping rates here!  If you’re not in the USA (like me) then maybe it can be shipped to someone there who can send it on to you (it’s cheaper that way) or if you’re meeting them at ACTFL then they can deliver it there!


Order Now From Our Campaign Site!

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