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“Song of the Week” – Part 2


Last week I shared the ‘source’ of song of the week- how I find and select it. I also passed on my use of it as a ‘cue’ in my classroom. It was my intent to share this week on the “how” I utilize it in my class. What happened? Well the amazing power of my #langchat PLN did. The topic was “How do you use songs in class?” and, ironically, it was one that I had to miss participating in. But luckily one of our moderators, @calicospanish, puts together a great digest of the chat. When I went to it I knew that there was no reason for me to share my “how’s”; they were all on the list. Instead I thought I would share the link to the digest – if you are a #langchat regular remember it is a great way to revisit the top take aways of the chat. If you can’t always be there then you can still benefit from the incredibly generous teachers that meet and learn.

Enjoy the chat digest about songs – and if you have the time consider joining in on the conversation. Search for the #langchat hashtag on Thursdays at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST. Moderators include @placido, @secottrell, @dr_dmd, @CalicoTeach, @DiegoOjeda66 and @msfrenchteach and they are also great people to follow! (Note: I also moderate as well.)

Looking forward to hearing from you. Now it’s off to find next week’s tune.



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