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A Year with Evernote – Update #3


This post is an update on my year-long experiment using Evernote as my personal organization program.

9 months into my Evernote experiment and, as I look back I have learned a lot. As I noted before it took a while for me to form just how/what my Evernote use would look like. My stacks have undergone some editing but mostly it is my ‘notes’ that have changed. Here’s what I am liking about the move to ‘paperless’:

Integration – with Evernote on my phone and personal computer (that I use in class) I get a seamless integration of my files. I access them from anywhere and love that capability. I also like that I can upload the photos I take in my class directly to Evernote for later reference. Love it.

Photos/Audio Notes – It wasn’t until I started using Evernote that I thought to document what I was doing in class. Being able to ‘see’ what happened is a big help in recreating a lesson at another time. Also the ability to record an audio attachment to my notes has been very useful. Often I put my lesson plans in advance things don’t always go as planned. If I don’t have time to manually edit the plan then the chance to record a quick voice memo is a great option.

Evernote Web – although I use my own computer/phone with Evernote my school district doesn’t support it for my ‘class’ computer. At the start of the year I was emailing or using a flash drive to manually copy things to my personal computer and then upload. There had to be a better way and, voila, I finally found Evernote Web. Now I quickly load any documents need from my school computer easily and quickly. Love it.

The “Password Scare”  – I liked it? Well not really- but it served to remind me that if everything is in the cloud – then how is it being backed up in case something goes wrong? Or the cloud ‘goes down’? For me it forced me to learn where my data was on my Mac. But individual notes? The most popular option- seems to be to pay to have my Evernote synched to my Dropbox via CloudHQ. I haven’t done that yet but the scare has made me consider my options.

The move to less paper and more documenting of what goes on in my class continues – any tips from more experienced users?



  1. I also love Evernote! Have you tried having your students share notebooks with you?
    If a student is absent, you can send them the link to that note in your notebook and it’s such an easy way to give them what they missed!

    I also have shared my notebooks with others in my department and it makes for a nice collaborative tool (I know you can do the same with Google Docs, but I’m not a fan of “it”).

    Lastly, I love that I can bookmark websites I find online to a certain notebook to integrate in a lesson later.

    Thanks for blogging on this. It would be great to see you use it with your students. Maybe for portfolios?

  2. Thanks Christina – unfortunately my district is not happy if we use evernote with our students as they fear the holding of student ‘info’ on computers not based in our district (and in another country) …so for now it’s me only!

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