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“Guerilla Pro-D” Subversively Introducing EdTech


How do you show people that adopting Educational Technology (edtech) is easier than they think? How do you convince others that doing something they already do, but with a new 2.0 tool IS worth their time? All too often barriers are put up, not because people aren’t interested but because they are told to be interested. What we forget is to treat the introduction of edtech with staff like we would in leading students into a new area; show relevance, build upon previous knowledge, inspire risk-taking. So completely on our own initiative a small group in our school has embarked on “Guerilla Pro-D”.

Who Are We? – We’re really keen on introducing edtech to our lessons, and on spreading the ideas and activities that incorporate these new tools. We are a mix of more seasoned teachers and younger ones.  We are not ‘evangelicals’ but people who are cast as ‘problem solvers’. Most of all none of us has a technology-related title. We are simply teaching colleagues.

Why Are We? There can be a resistance to technology, and I understand that. Too often the ‘tool’ has been forced on teachers as the ‘solution’. By regrouping and sharing resources that help a teacher do a better job at what they already do, the technology they resist resumes its rightful place. Hence this  “Guerilla”, or perhaps, less hip title “Indiret” Pro-D.

How Are We? – Quick presentations during Pro-D have worked well. As an ‘aggregator’ for staff we send targeted emails with links to 2.0 tools or to useful sites for that department. Sometimes we share with a colleague about what we have done in our classes. In another case we took a common activity in a subject and volunteered to ‘help’ a senior department teacher who we know has influence over others.

Our subtle, yet not really subversive, campaign is starting to inspire a desire for edtech in our school ….Viva La Revolution!!


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