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Web 2.0 – My ‘Easy’ Way into EdTech….


While writing a request to my district for enhanced network access  for my account (ultimately denied!) I had a chance to reflect on my current use of technology in class. Due to a lack of funding for ‘hardware’ , my technology integration has been primarily of a Web 2.0 nature.  It reminds me that it is relatively easy to begin to incorporate new tools into teaching – even if your hardware setup is not ideal. So, as a teacher of “Japanese as a foreign language” in a public high school, where am I now?

  1. Edmodo for online secure class discussions with my  students
  2.  Twitter (2 accounts) one  for class discussion & one for my PLN
  3.  Edublogs – for my professional “Language Sensei” blog
  4.   Google docs for student forms/ work etc
  5.  iWeb for website – being shifted to another venue….(but I digress)
  6. YouTube for my class video channel – used for review/flip class work search
  7.  Quizlet for all course vocabulary
  8. Jing/Audacity for screencasts for lessons

This didn’t happen overnight but in many instances once the ‘set up’ is done all that is required is minimal updating. As usual, I am always scouting for new tools and ideas on Twitter.

By the way…any thoughts on what to replace iWeb with?


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